Brent Carrier

Foreign Investments In U.S. Real Estate

June 13, 2017, by admin, category Articles, Investing, Real Estate

Brent Carrier is a recognized real estate professional, known globally as the founder of CRE Development. He says that international buyers have always loved the U.S. real estate scene, simply because of the total value it represents. They do not seem to mind that here (in the U.S.) the housing crisis happened 8 years ago, and that the entire real estate property sector collapsed entirely.

  • What is known is that foreign citizens are yet again choosing to invest in the U.S. real estate sector
  • Due to the fact that it is a very lucrative market, and there are many interesting properties on the market, they might not be leaving any time soon
  • After housing crisis, there is a new door is opened for new real estate investments in the United States
  • Expand a real estate portfolio with new properties from the U.S. can potentially secure one’s future.

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